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Being connected with our intentions to the Crystalline Grid both eases the adaptation process and gives us an alternate energy source to feed our minds, body, and soul's life force. The connection wakes our soul as if through an electrical reemergence and awareness, working beyond the weakening EMF to tell all of the energies in the Universe exactly what we need to rebalance and adjust. By using sacred geometry to communicate our needs for balance and alignment, blockages are adjusted with more ease and in right timing. 
CCT™ Healing for Businesses
Business packages are available to connect your business as an entity to the Crystalline grid system and align business components to the New Earth Energies. Working through the Crystalline grid for your business can amplify success, ease planning and transitional phases, get all individuals on the same page, transform work mindset and energetic environments, or even transform systems of administration and organization with ease and grace. With a CCT™ treatment for your business, you have access to the guarantee that your business is aligned in its core purpose and functions as such.
CCT™ Charting
CCT™ Charting can be used both for the individual, having the same effects as the Energetic treatment, and also for elements beyond the individual. When we are seeking to change our circumstances, our view points, heal from a harmful mindset, or clear ourselves of unwanted patterns, the CCT™ Charting process is a perfect venue to bring about real transformation gently and effortlessly. Ideal healing options for chart work include but are not limited to:
Transform a relationship at its core principles and in the best interest of both involved. 
Uncover relationship phases.
Transform patterns within a relationship
Transform communication within a relationship
Bringing yourself or a relationship into transitional mastery
Synchronize timing for yourself or a relationship
Release negative Karma
Relieve conflict between two individuals, a group or between groups
Discovery Chart to uncover reasons, causes, and next steps
Heal Ancestral Groups
Transforming patterns to Aquarian Groups
Ease through big changes/transformations
Clearing spaces of dead orgone energies, and more

To find out more about the different types of CCT™ Treatments available, please visit the Crystalline Consciousness Technique Page of this website.  To learn more about the CCT™ and its foundation, please visit:

CCT™️ Chart Healings

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