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The planet has long been calling its stewards for renewal, healing, and participation. 


As the world continuously awakens and grows, does your intuition pull at you? Is there a curiosity tugging at your energy that you want to follow but aren’t sure where it will lead? 


Sacred Rhythms is the container that will hold you throughout the year as you follow that spiritual curiosity into a stronger intuition that will nurture your own truth and awaken you to your possibilities of healing. The Circle that holds you is the one you grow in the best. Join us for our monthly Women’s Circle to nourish and refine what you’ve been working, to dig out and clean up what you’re ready to leave behind, and prepare yourself for your next steps forward. Join Bare Roots Energy for our monthly Sacred Rhythms circle to solidify your connection with the Rhythms of the Earth.


Sacred Rhythms is a practice of self-care and awakening handed down from a lineage of women that serve to remind us of our Sacred belonging here on this Earth. A gateway into Priestess-hood, Sacred Rhythms tailors its beauty and health information to the female body, teaching self-healing practices to support and nurture the balance of your energetic body and your Divine Feminine and Masculine in the safe container of our close-knit circle.


Each month we meet at or near the New Moon to cleanse our energy bodies and empty our sacred vessels to enhance our personal evolution and move into the life we choose and create. By engaging in the activities presented in the group, you provide your body, heart, mind, and soul with a pathway of freedom from what has plagued you, whether it be stagnation, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy habits, a longing for a new direction, a longing to join a group of like-minded-women on a healing path, or even a simple curiosity of something new. 


Sacred Rhythms will guide you as you clean your slate. Our monthly topics, tips, meditations, and discussions will prop you up to start again and again, as many times as you want, and as many times as you need. Enjoy the benefits of connection and community, and participate at your own pace and comfort as we meet online.


Join the experience to learn about 

  • How to become and stay in alignment with the cycles of the planet 
  • ancient plant-based medicine practices 
  • the impacts of our astrological gates 
  • ancient and gentle remedies for women’s wellness 
  • deities and archetypes that have taught us about our sacred female bodies and Spiritual undertakings for thousands of years
  • New aged and current Priestess that bless us with invaluable contemporary knowledge and perspectives of how to keep the female  body whole and healthy 


A simple and powerful group of journeying women that support each other year-round, share their experiences and curiosities, and build a healthy sisterhood of unconditional love, acceptance, and grace. 


Sacred Rhythms is a 12-month course that meets monthly in yearly cycles. 

If you have missed the January sign-up date, and would still like to join, please contact me at so that I can pro-rate your fee!

Classes will be recorded and sent to students, so no worries if you miss now and again! 

To have access to the course content online, sign up for the whole year! 


Call, email, or text to get in for a free trial for the rest of 2023!!!


Classes  for 2024 will meet once a month, 6:30 pm Central 

Dates are announced on the landing page at


Learn more here: 

or email or call Jamelle, your Circle Facilitor


Sacred Rhythms 2024

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