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Plant-Based-Medicine consultation is a simple appointment to review symptoms, ailments, and current meditations, before determining the appropriate and safe herbal remedies for your daily, weekly, and monthly use. Consultations begin with a session to discuss your needs, a period of research on my end, and then a second in-person, online, or over-the-phone consultation for herbal recommendations.

Once the consultation is complete, personalized teas can be made for you according to your needs, at an additional cost. Prices time of tea delivery will vary according to the availability of the herbs required for your personal mixture.

Consultations are provided by me, Jamelle Zablow-Moloney, a certified Plant-Based Medicine Consultant. I am available for consultations and recommendations only and do not prescribe, as I am not a licensed medical professional. 

Teas and recommendations have been evaluated and approved by the FDA. Discussion of this during the consultation is more than welcome.

Plant-Based Medicine Consultation

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