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Meditation is a gentle pathway to calm, cool, and collected when practiced consistently by helping to slow the mind and calm the nervous system. However, when we are in the midst of a crisis, things can get turned upside down and leave us scrambling for tools to get rebalanced. Medication can provide this relief on a daily basis as well as during times of great loss, stress, transition, growth, and need. Meditation can be tailored to one's acute needs and tight schedules in such a way that without much effort, noticeable changes can be experienced, giving us the power, energy, and insight to face obstacles.


The Personalized Group Meditation is a written and recorded meditation designed specifically for your group's needs. Meditations for groups can focus on collective projects, group balancing, improving the workspace demeanor, and team building. Daily affirmations can be essential to meditation success and are incorporated into the meditation package for your use following your appointment. A consultation is the first step to getting the details about what you would like the meditation to focus on. When complete, a written copy will be emailed or mailed to the members of your group, along with a recording of the meditation, which will be sent electronically and uploaded to the Meditation Classroom for your group's personal access at Following your purchase, we will meet one time online, in the studio, or in the group's routine location for a meditation session to experience your personalized meditation in real-time.  


Once paid for, you will receive contact from me within 48 hours to review your order. An initial consultation will be scheduled before a personalized meditation is built and sent. Please contact Jamelle with any questions:

Personalized Group Meditation

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