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Amethyst is the purple quartz of the Bishops, known for creating clear thoughts, emotional healing, and clarity, and for heightening connection. Amethyst supports the Crown Chakra and thus the Third Eye, holding a frequency of 963 Hz.

Jasper brings balance to the energetic body, and comfort and protection to the physical body. Jasper supports the Heart and Root Chakras' clarity of nurturing the child within and a sense of adventure.

Labradorite supports the upper three chakras, enhancing your connection to self and your source. Labradorite strengthens intuition and spiritual journeys, protects, and heals wounds, strengthens eyesight, and resonates between 400-700 Hz.

Marble is a grounding stone, resonating between 8.8 and 12.2 Ghz. Marble provides a comforting and calming feeling, relieving anxiety and a busy mind.

108 Beads

21 inches


Mala beads are one of the oldest meditation practices in the world. One recites a mantra for each bead they count, counting by touching one bead at a time. Traditionally, one is not supposed to cross the center/end bead or bead strand when reciting. Use your thumb and any finger but the pointer to count as you recite.

Mala Beads Amethyst, Jasper & Labradorite

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