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The Lineage Line Testing can be done to determine which lineage line your lifetime has followed, identifying your resonating sacred traditions, past religious affiliations, your affiliations with specific guides and compassionate spirits, previous lifetime markers, planetary families, and Star Seed lineage line. 
This reading empowers the seeking mind who wishes to dive deeper into their Soul Origins, find answers to the big questions, and affirm answers that have come through clairvoyant channels. 
During your appointment, you will receive a confirmation through quantum measurement of your Star Seed Lineage Line, your home galaxy, planet, and/or star,  along with specific information and information sources pertaining to your lineage line. 

In-person appointments include the reading with an emailed PDF of your lineage line information. Distance appointments require a 3-4 day waiting period as we exchange information via snail mail, in order to prepare the materials needed for the reading. Appointments can be tailored to individual questions and journeys as you need. If you have specific questions you would like to ask, please contact me before our appointment for a pre-appointment consult so that I can read all of the extra needed materials. 

Lineage Line Testing

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