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The Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT™) is a New Earth technology that works with the Crystalline grid, which surrounds all Earthly particles. By using its relationship with water, the CCT™ system uses the tools of sacred geometry to transform the patterns of reality for healing on multiple levels. The CCT™ accesses the water in the atmosphere, the atomic structures of organic materials, and within the body's connective tissues, to communicate with the rest of the Universes as a mirror of all that we are and all that we intend. When you put a well thought out intention into the crystalline grid, it shines that vision out to the universe like a spotlight, beginning the magnetic proceedings of telling the universe all that you need in order to fulfill that intention. Through this direct connection, healings are more intentional, faster resolving, definite, and gentle. 

Being connected with our intentions to the Crystalline Grid both eases the adaptation process and gives us an alternate energy source to feed our minds, body, and soul's life force. The connection wakes our soul as if through an electrical reemergence and awareness, working beyond the weakening EMF to tell all of the energies in the Universe exactly what we need to rebalance and adjust. By using sacred geometry to communicate our needs for balance and alignment, blockages are adjusted with more ease and in right timing. 

Energy healings through the CCT™ glean their effectiveness from the ability to create a healing chamber with Sacred Geometry that protects the healing session and your intention from incoming and wavering EMF frequencies. These frequencies can bombard your energy field, leaving you drained and unfocused. However, when you set an intention in a protected chamber, it is easier to attract the circumstances that are required for you to realize your intention. The CCT™ first clears and then bypasses that old system to provide deeper and absolute transformation. A healing treatment at this caliber is like cleaning the pipes, and then treating them so that they can no longer collect the muck that blocks the energy flow between you, your intention and the Universe which provides the tools for that intention to be so.

To find out more about the different types of CCT™ Treatments available, please visit the Crystalline Consciousness Technique Page of this website. 
To learn more about the CCT™ and its foundation, please visit:

Healing CCT™️ Treatment

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