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The Simple Core Essence Reading is a reading of your individual role within your group, a reading of your Core Essence structure, and how the two interact with each other and play out in your current life. This reading includes…

A face-to-face meeting for the reading to take place
The discovery of your individual role within your group
The discovery of your Core Essence structure
An informative take-home cards for reflection and action.
The Core Essence Reading and Healing is a healing for your familial group or the group that you most directly work within and influence, bringing the group as a whole into the New Earth energies of fairness, balance, and contribution and in alignment with each other and the planet. The full Core Essence Reading and Healing includes…

A reading of your individual role and personal group structure 

A reading of your Core Essence structure
A healing chart through the CCT(tm) to align you with your Core Essence easily, gently, and absolutely. 
A second CCT(TM) chart healing, which is administered on a second day of treatment, to bring your group into the New Earth Energies easily, gently, and absolutely.
One energy healing through the CCT(tm) administered to you individually
Informative take-home cards for reflection and action.
The Core Essence Reading and Healings pair nicely with the Life Path Reading which informs you of your current strengths, past skills, and future roles according to your astrological birth chart,  and the Ancestral Healing Chart, which clears karma and patterns from your lineage through the previous seven generations.
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Divine Core Essence Reading and Healings

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  • A New Earth is always forming as humanity and its planet constantly evolve through changes in habit, expression, and mindset. The transitions we go through as a planetary society can be a struggle sometimes, with impacts trickling down to our groups, our families, and to us as individuals. When we are not able to express ourselves authentically within the group or groups we operate in, our moods, effectiveness, and progress all suffer both at work and at home. We feel out of balance and struggle to find the direction in which our Soul is pulling us towards. This conundrum can leave us grasping for straws, scrambling to make emotional, mental, and spiritual ends meet, and living to please others rather than living for ourselves. With these maladjusted social aspects in place, we sink into the day-to-day and can find ourselves giving way to playing a role that we may not necessarily thrive in or enjoy. 

    The Core Essence Reading through the Crystalline Consciousness Technique (tm) brings your awareness and energy body into alignment with the current roles you play out within your current groups and your divine spiritual roles and gifts that you came to this planet with to refine and master. Armed with this knowledge, you are free to walk forward with a plan, a perspective of self-love, and concepts of assimilating your Divinely innate gifts on a different level of understanding.

    The parts that we play throughout our lives, both societal and familial, are characteristics, belief systems, and perceptions, imparted to us through heritage, family tradition,  and the expectations of others, society, and culture. These are the actions, tasks, jobs, and behaviors that we engage with in order to fulfill the roles that have been placed on us. Although necessary to keep the machine of humanity running, sometimes, these roles can become a burden to us if we are not playing them out as our authentic selves. This can in turn keep us from speaking our truth, finding compassion for others, giving all and receiving nothing, and doing what we love. 

    Our Core Essence is the spiritual essence of our character. It is the culmination of the gifts and divine skills we arrived in this life with, along with the divine expression that glows within us. Our Core Essence gives us our intuition and leads us to our soul purpose so that we can live to our fullest potential and assist others in doing the same. We feel our Core Essence tugging at us when things come to us easily, and when we find ourselves thriving in what we do. 

    The Core Essence Readings are a series of healings that can be completed independently or all together. 

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