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The Reiki Detox is a great way to jump-start a self-clearing and revolutionize your journey with healing support. This treatment utilizes Reiki to activate and assist the body in clearing itself of unprocessed emotions, toxic build-up, and unbinding negative thinking patterns that keep us stuck. The Reiki Detoxification removes stubborn energy pockets and energetic build-up before flushing and infusing the energy body with healing, using traditional and contemporary methods to clear out specific sources of an ailment and deliver whole-body detoxification. 

This treatment can be useful to help one move on from a creative block, recover from a stubborn cold, or relieve chronic illness. With repeated and consistent treatment, individuals will see life-changing results.


One can experience a gambit of emotions during and after this treatment, as its purpose is to bring up things hidden away and ignored so that they may be processed and released. Once this healing process begins, it is normal to have emotional symptoms, and it is recommended to be particularly kind to the body and mind for up to three days after each session. Just like a routine physical detox, one may experience minor symptoms of a purge. Following treatment, stay well hydrated and rested. 


During any Reiki session pillows for under the neck and knees are available, as are light blankets. One may feel sensations of heat, chills, goosebumps, energy movement, or skin pricks, as the energy flows through and around the body.


As always, it is helpful for me as a practitioner to hear how your experience went for you, and appreciate your feedback.


In-Person and Online Appointments Available.

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Detox Reiki Healing Treatment

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