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Crystal Infused Reiki treatments make use of raw stones to hold the energy charge that is being given during the treatment. Crystals carry different frequencies, allowing them to hold different attributes for our intentions. The use of crystals and other raw gemstones along with Reiki enhances the longevity, effectiveness and potency of the treatment. 

When a Crystal Infused Reiki treatment is created, either a crystal grid is made of particular stones for the client. The healing energy is channeled into the stones to charge and accompany the Reiki treatment. Once this is done, the treatment is given to the client as is in a typical Reiki Healing Treatment. For distance clients, once created and charged, a photo of the grid is sent. 


During any Reiki session clients have the option to sit in a chair or lay on the Reiki table (to receive their treatment. Pillows for under the neck and knees are available, as are light blankets. One may feel sensations of heat, chills, goosebumps, energy movement, or skin pricks, as the energy flows through and around the body. Everyone's Reiki experience is different, and many people report having a different experience each time they receive another treatment as well.


After receiving a Reiki treatment, most individuals report a feeling of calmness, stillness, and clarity. Some individuals may feel a bit sleepy or light headed afterward, others have left with a sense of heightened joy or motivation. Once your appointment is over, please stay hydrated and rest as needed. 


As always, it is helpful for me as a practitioner to hear how your experience went for you, and appreciate your feedback.


In Person and Online Appointments Available.


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Crystal Infused Reiki Treatment

السعربدءًا من 100.00$
مستثناة ضريبة |
  • Once you have purchased a treatment, I will contact you within 24 hours to set up your in person or your online appointment. You will recieve a confirmation email upon purchase as confirmation of your pending appiontment.

    In person appointments: bring only yourself and your payment if you have not already paid!

    Online appointments: we will schedule a time for you that will require one hour of non-interruption/as little interruption as possible. You will have a pre appointment check-in call, and a post appointment call as well.

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