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A CCT™ treatment could be exactly what your fur babies need! 

A healing with the Crystalline Consciousness Technique protocol can help treat anxiety, PTSD, chronic illness, end of life transitions, and more. The CCT™ treatment allows us to connect to our animals easier and more effectively, as well as connect them to the Crystalline Grid network that communicates directly with the Universal Energies. This helps us to gain insight into their perspective and learn how to live and work harmoniously with our pets and our herds. This treatment works wonders for animals who are being introduced into a new home, animals who are getting a new family member, animals with joint pain, animals who regularly work with people, those who are skittish, and those who need to be loaded into trailers. This treatment also delivers quicker and more permanent results than other energy healing methods, taking fewer treatments to get results. 

Services are typically rendered at the animal's location. Ask about a continuous service package for long-term care options.  Appointments with animals typically last 20-30 minutes and are most beneficial when repeated once or twice. Appointments that are cut short by less than 20 minutes are eligible for a free follow-up treatment at no cost to the customer. 

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Animal CCT™️ Treatment

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