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Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad's Eulogy, July 13, 2013


In all of your wisdom, I have grown.

I have written, painted, wandered, weaved, and created with you to always back me as GOD works through you to build me. So here is what I have to share on my progress that has been born from you and the infinite love you shared to create the family that we are.

With the ability to self analyze, given to me by my parents, it was clear to see that judgment, pain, and change, stem from one revolving factor which in turn cycle back to fear, the knowing that you are not in control.

A lack of control that makes you angry. It is really just fear having a jab at you because being afraid only makes us feel even less in control. So…

• What we cannot control in others, we fear or get angry about because it makes us feel powerless.

• What we cannot control in our environment or our lives we fear or get angry about it makes us feel powerless.

• When we cannot control what happens to our bodies, we become afraid and can also become angry because we feel powerless

And the ego has won…

These emotions, fear and anger, become imbedded in us to create our pain bodies as Tolle puts it because we do not face the emotion as it happens, see the emotion for what it really is (fear of…), accept it, work through it, and eventually move on.

And this is where Dad chimes in…

“Just let go”

And so this is what I was taught and therefore taught to my children and to my students everyday, because this is what really works in my life and in the lives of everyone who is recognizing enlightenment just as you have. Because…

Letting Go is Healing


Healing is Peace

In order to dissolve our pain bodies, we must embrace the process of pain and anger and move to forgiveness, or letting go. Although it’s easier to react with negativity to negative events, those reaction only make the pain last longer and deeper, and in turn feed the ego which gives us a false sense of being.

INSTEAD…Use the anxiety negativity gives us as a tool to dissipate the pain body:

1. Face the negative emotion as it happens IN THE MOMENT.

2. See it for what it really is: What are you loosing control of? What are you not in control of that is making you angry, or afraid? Is it the space you’re in, the noise you hear, your actual body, how you are spending your time in this very moment? Remove the blame and SEE THE EVENT- UNBIASED- so that you can understand it and SEPARATE THE EVENT FROM YOUR REACTION TO THE EVENT (Tolle again).

3. Accept the emotion you are creating in response to the event: accept that you are not controlling the event yourself, but only the anger you are feeling, or the fear that you are feeling.

4. Work through it- think through that acceptance over and over until you begin to calm and…

5. Finally let it go.

This is how the pain body will begin to dissolve.

This is what you teach me each day during our phone discussions, and each time I think of you.

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