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The Divine Feminine

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

J Zablow-Moloney July 12, 2021

I use to think that I, as a woman, was more connected to my feminine traits than my masculine. This was of course before I started to research and learn about the ancient wisdom that lies within the age-old determinations of gender.

Gender is a funny thing in the 21st century. Choosing what you want to be, changing what you are, and determining how you express yourself regardless of your physical gender are becoming commonplace as humans evolve into the New Earth. But what do our ancestors say about gender? What does biology say about it?

The feminine dances through us all, like a wave of wind throughout the atmosphere, noticing, watching, and waiting for the right time. Waiting to birth, to create, to share, and to give. She balances her gifts with those of the masculine, who helps to create, analyzes the structure, and builds to protect. Neither has an alternative motive, and both of them need one another. Your inner woman is instrumental in the process of creation, holding, refining, and nurturing the human, the mind, and the universe into existence. It is through her sacred Rite, ceremony, and union with her opposite, that creation is possible.

Your ancestors knew this and through your DNA, their knowledge of it has been passed to you as an innate knowledge that seeks to keep you in emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balance at all times. Regardless of what biology tells you about what organs you have, and regardless of what society tells you about the gender that has been assigned to you as grew up, your four bodily elements contain both your sacred he and your sacred she, and they continually dance to assist you through your life.

The Divine Feminine resides in the traits of all-inclusiveness, gentle nurturing, the attention of safe keeping, and everlasting patience. She watches and waits for the right timing, and is always developing, and strolling towards completion. The Divine Feminine in you is the part of you who looks upon the world in possibility with a beautiful vision of completed and protected majesty.

Your Task:

Reflecting on your own divine feminine, what traits are you skilled at?

Which traits listed can you afford to strengthen?

Which ones are in control?

Extra Resources:

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Check out the Sacred Marriage Poster available in the Shop!!! It's a great way to remind yourself of the balance, and is available in 3 sizes!


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