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The Science of Memories

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Jamelle Z-M

June 9, 2021

Because thoughts are the tiniest of Quarks (the smallest known matter in the univers), they send waves of influence through all energetic fields inside and outside of our bodies. Due to this, memories are held in our energy bodies as a part of our complex, invisible, etheric make up . These left over thoughts move in and out of our energy zones and chakra ranges, floating about as remnants of the vibration they held when they were first created. As Quantum Physics gets closer each day to demonstrating this to the naked eye, the proof of this phenomena has been felt by human beings, observed by scholars, and treated by healers since the dawn of time.

That physical experience is a chemical reaction that produces electricity and has impact.

Let’s take a look: If you have a positive experience, your body feels a rush of ‘joy’- a heightened sensation. This is because serotonin is created by the brain when we see, hear, feel, taste, and sense that which we enjoy. This chemical reaction is a mere electrical spark that transmits signals down to our nerve endings allowing us to actually feel an emotion - to feel the invisible. That emotion is made out of energy. It vibrates at its specific frequency and stays in your energy body impacting the vibration of all of your etheric (electrical) fields. A positively charged emotion will flutter through your energy body raising the vibration of negatively charge frequencies.

The goal of the energy body is to find an equilibrium of emotional charge.

The vibrational frequencies created by all chemical reactions taking place in our bodies leave traces of themselves that slowly change over time. They are transmuted into changed vibrations by interacting with your internal frequencies that already exist, through energy work, or through directed thought processes (meditation and metacognition). Therefore, memories stay until we change them. With that said, it is always wise to let in the good and avoid letting in the bad. However, when we cannot keep out traumatic experiences, unpleasantries, and distress, those experiences turn into damaging thoughts and memories, thus damaging energies that begin to impact the physical body.

All is not lost. There are several ways to mitigate the negatively charged memories that are stored within you and that come your way today and in future. Reiki and other energy work is a great start, although it does take maintenance. Going this route, the most effective solution is to learn Reiki I so that you can treat yourself with effective energy healing. If that's not up your ally, metacognition is the way to go.

Directed Thoughts processes constitute meditation, chanting, introspection, contemplation, and logical thought trails. This method of healing is not new, and unfortunately not taught to us to us here in America unless we seek it. This is a method of analyzing an uncomfortable experience/memory, and doing the introspective work until a new conclusion can be gleaned from it. It’s just a change of mind and a change of heart. For example, if Victoria steals your boyfriend, you can hold that grudge until the sun doesn’t shine, but that anger is a frequency, and it will stay in your energy body, burrowing deeper and deeper until you start to have physical pain. On the contrary, you can change your mind about the event so that you can eventually let it go. So much easier said than done! It takes time. Directed thought processes can be an individual trail or a guided one through meditation coaches or the self healing workshops that your parents warned you about. Just remember, hanging the way you think about pain is not a quick process, but it is a healing one.

Consider this if you are skeptical to the possibilities of meditation:

Metacognition is the closest thing to scientifically proven and used meditation in this country (The US). It is used in the medical arts and in the school systems to shape behavior on a daily basis. However, this tool has more expansive possibilities and inclinations. Unfortunately, the West has widely become a place of skepticism for the existence of an energy body for as long as there has been a top-down system in place. However, as the knowledge of multiple healing modalities make their way to us from the East, we begin to see an extreme correlation between what we used to believe to be taboo, and how our bodies actually need to be treated in maintenance and treatment.

“Research approaches to the human body that focus only on the visible part and ignore the invisible part result in an incomplete model of the body that considers the parts to be the whole.” -The Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences1

My question for you is: how can you make your last painful memory a useful one, a stepping stool, a silver lining? Once you have done this, your path to healing has begun.

To learn more about how to implement techniques like energy healing and directed thought processes, contact me at



  1. The Scientific Hypothesis of an “energy system” in the human body. Lui, Tianjun. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences. Vol 5, Issue 1, January 2018, Pp 29-34.

  2. Brennan, B., & Smith, J. A. (1988). Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field (Reissue ed.). Bantam.


Definition of the Day

Directed Thought Processes:

aka: meditation, metacognition

V. A way of thinking, or a system one creates to turn an experience into a neutral frequency, where no emotion is attached, by understanding the experience in a different way.

Jamelle Z-M June 9, 2021

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