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The Key to Your Heart Chakra Health

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Jamelle Z.Moloney 29 December, 2021

Your heart chakra consists of a front and a back, both ideally with a motion of clockwise spinning energy. The front of the heart chakra protrudes from its center at the place of your physical heart, or the center of your breast plate. This is the center where we love emotionally, and where all of our love emanates from. From this center, we feel connected to all things and see the true divinity, in all of its perfection and faults, in all individuals. From this center, we attach to our loved ones with energetic cords.

When this center is open, we can love more and accept more in others, as well as accept more love in quantity. When healthy and thriving in the heart center, you love yourself and others in a deeply emotional way that creates lasting bonds of understanding.

When this center is closed, you are not clear about your feelings of love, and you may not be able to love yourself adequately. If this is the case, you further may not be able to care for your loved one adequately. For instance, if you are not fostering enough self love, you may be unable to foster enough love and attention for your children on a day to day basis.

The back of the heart chakra protrudes from the center between your shoulder blades, and is your center of manifestation. From the back of your heart, you express your ego through your will by taking action to fulfill your dreams and desires. When the back heart chakra is in good health, you are motivated, optimistic, and excited about your project and pending success upon completion. You are able to look to others for reasonable support and value their input. This is the positive attitude from which manifestation takes place; when you are able to hold the vibration and vision to see your wants materialize, process that success, and then reproduce it. You will know when the back of your heart is healthy according to your ability to manifest your thoughts into reality.

When closed, this back center can cause you to feel hopeless or resentful towards love, those whom you love, and your projects. You may not be clear about how to manifest the things you want, and you could see others as blocks when in actuality they are essential to your success.

To remedy this chakra, practice heart-opening yoga poses and Sun breaths. Visualize bright green light flowing in through your back through your shoulder blades and coming through your chest, clearing any blockages that may lay there. Dance, listen to music that moves you, and eat your greens.

Heart Affirmation:

I am the light of love.

I feel the light of love.

I breathe the light of love.

I live the light of love.

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