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The Importance of a Healthy Third Eye

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney 19 January, 2022

My father's favorite word was that. He said that since it was one of the most commonly spoken words in the English language, he infused it with GOD ENERGY, so that every time he spoke it, he would be speaking with and through God. He always had clever ways of sticking his high vibrational practices into the mundane parts of life, such as simple conversation. Dad's Third Eye was OPEN. He was connected with his God (the Crown Chakra), and understood how to bring that connection into his reality daily.

The Third Eye energy center is located in the middle of the forehead above the center point between the eyes. It is the focal point of all energy entering from the crown that disperses that energy like a prism to all of the other chakras in the body, making it a very important center in deed. This center takes your ideas from the frontal lobe thinking center, to the back where thoughts are put into action.

The front of this center dictates your ability to see and understand how mental concepts can be acted out, created, and manifested in real time, thus fully understanding the messages of the mental and emotional bodies and how the importance those messages play out in our daily lives. This center also governs how you see the world and your personal reality, and how you perceive and take in the reactions and responses of others.

A strong and healthy Third Eye Complex creates a creative mind, allowing you to think outside of the box, organize all areas of your life effectively, and see reality for what it truly is without attaching your own traumatic distortions to it. A healthy Third Eye will also help you see, believe, and accept the truth of situations and of others.

A closed Third Eye is easy to spot in yourself, as you will feel instability in your life and thoughts, and see the world through pessimistic eyes that keep you from understanding logic and accepting support from your surroundings. This mindset may be due to past trauma that has caused both maladjustment and a misunderstanding of how to cope with the world around you. When you project your misconceptions upon your world, you create a dysfunctional world for yourself, jeopardizing the health of your relationships and long term commitments.

When the front of this chakra is unhealthy with misconception, and the back is healthy with manifestation power, a dysfunctional world is created quickly. The refusal to accept the logic in the world around you and grow out of your misconceptions is what keeps this center closed. It is easy to get caught up in what the world throws at you and close off this center while you cope. The important thing is to keep moving forward in such situations in order to open it back up.

The back of the Third Eye Center is located directly across from the front at the back of the head and fine tunes your creative ideas into right action for fulfillment. It is another manifestation center within your body. When healthy, you are able to self advocate, recognize your needed areas of improvement, and turn your ideas into action in order to manifest them. When unhealthy, you are unable to bring your ideas into fruition, fuddling up plans with disorganization and misunderstanding of logical flow. This in turn creates frustration and anger as constant failures feed your misconceptions of how to get things done. Such situations may make it scary for you to move forward, and you may find yourself needing to learn how to task analyze to get yourself out of a spiral.

To heal the front of the Third Eye Complex, search for and face dysfunctional thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that you find in your present life. See things for what they really are by looking at the facts and taking the objective emotions out of the situation. It is very effective to do this type of work with a therapist or counselor. If you do not know what your dysfunctional thoughts are, seek guidance from friends, family, or professionals that can help you realize the truth in a gentle and caring manner. To heal the back of this chakra do your shadow work. Clear out misconceptions about how to create what you want and how to follow through with your ideas. Plan and take the steps needed to fulfill your ideation by breaking down larger goals into smaller ones, and make daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly systems to help you reach them.

Visualize deep purple light seeping into your forehead, rotating clockwise when facing it from the outside of your body. Feed this center with plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and personal, inner work. Journaling is a great way to help this center open and clear out.

For what it's worth, the word that was used 12 times in this document alone!

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