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Phases of Healing through the Crystalline Energy Field

Updated: Mar 19

By Jamelle Zablow-Moloney 3/18/2023

The Crystalline Energy Field offers a new source of energetic healing and access to a greater body of knowledge than we previously were able to access through only using the Electro-Magnetic Field. Although both of these energetic fields provide a continuous source of electricity and exchange, the electromagnetic field is overused, stretched thin, and frequently adjusts with Solar and Atmospherical fluctuations. Due to the instabilities in the electromagnetic field, although slight as they are, it becomes beneficial and more efficient to make use of the Crystalline Energy Field when healing and working with energy medicines. The crystalline field offers a greater exposure of intention, and because of this, we can tap into this field to ensure healing at a faster pace.

When working with the Crystalline Energy Field, there are three phases of healing to go through before the shift you are seeking is complete. This article outlines these three phases of Gia Combs-Ramiraz's Crystalline Consciousness Technique™.

Phase 1: Opening

The phase of opening is an energetic shift. It is often felt in subtle yet uplifting ways and is the occurrence of your energy channels shifting to look at the intentions that you have set. During this phase, all of your being and Universal resources are beginning to laser in on what you are seeking and asking for and starting the process of aligning themselves in such a way as to create the reality in which your intention can exist in fruition. During the opening, a Spiritual shift takes place, informing your mind, emotions, and body of the right paths to choose, the right words to say, and the right information to seek. The guided nature of the opening is a comfort along the path of healing.

Phase 2: Chaos

The phase of chaos is the time of healing when your Crystalline Template is engaging in the shift. All of your structures that existed before your intention was set, will begin to unfold and reform in order to create the opportunities that can bring forth the reality of your intention. During this time, it is up to you to make the decisions that support your intentions and to be patient and understanding with the process. As old belief systems and habits begin to fall away, memories and unprocessed emotions bubble up to the surface to be faced and released. It is during this ignited soul work that your true healing occurs, paving the way for the intentions you have set to be so.

Phase 3: Mastery

The mastery phase of healing within the Crystalline Field is when the restructuring comes to a close with your Crystalline Template in the right and perfect order for the intentions that you have chosen to place within the field. The mastery phase is the release of the pieces that do not serve your intention and the beginning of a new existence moving forward.

It is because the Crystalline Consciousness Technique (CCT)™ and working amongst the Crystalline Field is so impactful in bringing forth the reality of the intentions that you place within it that when working with the energetics of the system, one must careful, intentional, forward-thinking, and specific. The CCT can heal ancestral patternings, broken relationships, and old traumas, just to name a few. If you have curiosities about how working within the Crystalline Feild can help you adjust your life and heal, contact me at, or schedule an appointment at

The Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ is a healing modality created and owned by Gia Combs-Ramirez and Soluna Inc. For more information about Gia and her work, visit

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