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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The throat chakra opens us up to communication with the highest good in mind, the kind of communication that can never go wrong because there is a larger force at work behind our words and actions. The throat chakra filters what comes in and what goes out, and so keeping it healthy and balanced is important for our social and professional lives. Use the link below as a source of music for your meditation background if you like. Let's get to work on intentional expression!

Take a deep cleansing breath.

Breathe in sparkling white light.

This light,

It fills my throat,


and it seeps into my tissues;

Illuminating my skin and my energy channels.

It runs down my throat and into my lungs,

Penetrating every crevice of my lungs with clean, pure air

As I breathe out slowly,

I breathe out all of the air.

I Push out all of the air,

And pause.

I am in charge of my breath.

I choose every breath I take

I take some moments to slow down now.

I stabilize my breath.

I fall deep into my seat as a string from my spine drops down into the ground,

Reaching into the Earth,

reminding me of the ancient wisdom that resides in my body.

I choose this thought.

To be still.

I choose stillness.

My mind may wander,

And I bring it back.

Back to where I want it to be,

Focused on what I choose.

I choose my focus.

I choose my goals.

I choose each thought,

I focus my thoughts on what I choose,

And I choose (stillness).

As I practice directing and redirecting my thoughts each day,

Choosing and controlling my thoughts becomes easier,

Each day.

I take responsibility for each of my thoughts.

My thoughts lead to decisions.

My decisions lead to actions.

Actions lead to consequence, as every action has a reaction.

If my thoughts lead to judgement, then I become the influencer.

If my thoughts stay neutral, then I remain the observer.

Each moment is an opportunity for me to direct my thoughts in the direction of my goal.

I use each moment to choose my thought.

Choosing my thoughts will strengthen my will.

Choosing my thoughts will make my direction clear.

Choosing my thoughts will silence that which no longer serves me.

I am in charge.

When you are ready,

Open your eyes and be present in this place.

Jamelle Z.M.

Bare Roots Energy

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