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Meditation Tips & Tricks #3

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Conquering the wandering mind can seem problematic with endless stimulus and responsibility surrounding us. Have no fear! Never before have baby steps to the perfect solution been so easy and without time constraints! Check out the list below for some tips on metacognition!

  1. Don't let your thoughts bother you. If you're getting upset, it's because of what's going on in your mind. Evaluate those things, accept them, let them go, and just do the next right thing, which is sometimes refocusing on the right here and now. When your thoughts wander, replace them with a goal statement or an affirmation purposefully, meaning: make yourself think your affirmation rather than letting yourself think negative thoughts. For example, I will ask myself "Why am wasting my thoughts on this?" and then begin listing my gratitude points for the day to redirect my wandering mind.

  2. Start a list of quick meditations and affirmation statements. Keeping a list of small passages or affirmations that you really resonate with can be helpful when you are really feeling down. It can remind you of what your goals are and get you thinking about the details and plans needed in order to reach those goals, thus giving your renewed purpose, confidence, and motivation.

  3. Post signs. An oldie but goodie! Everyone tells us to do it because it works. Post them everywhere! Have Siri dictate affirmations to you on a daily schedule. Keeping up with small practices like this can improve mood and increase hope. Post affirmations with high vibrational, self-affirming statements. See my blog on how to create affirmations for a go-to instructional manual.

  4. Make a routine. Make a routine out of your meditation or your affirmation time. You could use your drive to work to go over your gratitude list or incorporate a short meditation dialogue into your morning. When you add meditation into your day as a routine and are consistent with it, it becomes so habitual that you miss it when you forget, and you start to notice the subtle changes it has made on you when you don't keep up with it. A quick meditation routine can change your daily vibration, impacting your entire life. How many of your affirmations can you get through during your morning shower?

  5. Choose what to meditate about. The main reason I didn't meditate on a regular basis in my younger days is because of the I was taught to meditate. It is because I'm a busy mom and on most days don't have a single extra minute in my day for anything else. I don't have time to sit down for 35 minutes and listen to a soothing voice atop a gentle rainstorm. If anything is going to be added to my day, it's going to be quick and simple. I choose what to meditate about by referring back to my goals and manifestation plans. This allows me a quick topic to focus on when I have 3 minutes of free think time at the stop lights. I use this in my exercise time, my shower time, my walking time, and my chore time, all in the form of affirmation and release statements. Brain training on the go!

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