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Is Your Sacral Chakra Opened or Closed?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

BY Jamelle ZM

Welcome to week 2 of your Chakra health!

There is a front and a back vortex to your Sacral Chakra center. The front protrudes out from where the womb would sit, and the back from the base of the spine, or the tailbone. The Root chakra also sits at the base of the spine, but protrudes downwards towards your feet and the Earth.

Your Sacral center is your feeling center, from where you feel emotions and physical sensations. When the front of the Sacral is open and healthy, you welcome intimate relationships, and are able to both give love to and receive love from others in healthy ways that honor you both.The front of the Sacral Chakra is the center that controls how you intimately interact with others on an emotional level.

When this center is closed

you may not be able to give your full self,

you may not like being touched,

you may have low emotional vitality,

and you may be unable to orgasm.

To heal this front Sacral center, visualize deep and bright orange light seeping into your front above the genital area and below the belly button, turning clockwise when facing it from the outside of your body. Feed this center with citrus fruits and carrots, and gently practice the Boat Pose or the Butterfly Pose to physically open. Do not practice yoga moves if it is against your doctor's wishes.

When the back of the Sacral Chakra center is open you are able to feel your own physical power, seek energetic release in healthy ways, and are welcoming to your mate. The back of the Sacral center controls how you emotionally and physically interact with yourself and physically interact with the world.

When the Sacral back is closed

you have low sex drive,

possible hormonal imbalance,

you may avoid physical intimacy,

and have low physical vitality.

To heal the back Sacral center revisit and process trauma related to your body, past relationships, and intercourse in a healthy way. You may need to work on your relationship with your partner. Are both of your needs being met? These suggestions are by no means meant to be a quick fix, rather permanent ones. Treat the Heart Chakra to help balance this center, and feed this center with deep and bright orange light, turning clockwise when facing it from the outside of your body. Yoga poses for this area include the Cat-Cow, and the Downward Facing Dog.

Look out for the Solar Plexus Chakra indicators in the next email that will come in the next 2-4 weeks. Always feel free to give me a ring or an email if you'd like to know more about your energy bodies!

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