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Health of the Throat Chakra Center

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Jamelle Zablow-Moloney 19 January, 2022

The front of the Throat Chakra protrudes from the middle of the front of the neck, and the back of it protrudes exactly opposite of that. These centers determine how you interact with the world through what you accept and what you express.

A healthy front to the Throat Chakra demonstrates itself in our ability and willingness to own our own actions and behaviors, including taking right action both manifest and to make and keep ourselves healthy. We gain Spiritual maturity around the age 13 when we begin to create our own karma. This typically happens at the same time that puberty hits us. The Throat Chakra develops in a healthy way when at this age, we build our own self-responsibility in the frame of self actualization and forward momentum. This requires a healthy home life with loving and stable caregivers. Are you speaking your truth to manifest your desires, or are you hiding your truth from the world?

The front of the Throat center is healthy when we appropriately place blame, which requires understanding and acceptance of the different perspectives of others. We have a clear Throat center when we take responsibility for getting what we want rather than relying on others to give it to us, and when we are accepting what it given to us, including help from others, and challenging situations that come to us. When unhealthy, the Throat's front energy center expresses through our inability or unwillingness to accept help, viewing the world as a generally negative place, and refusing love and nourishment. When we live from the mindset that the world is out to get us, we begin the process of manifesting that negativity in real time.

The back of the Throat Chakra, also called the professional center, is the center that governs how you feel as a part of greater society. Do you feel worthy, sustaining, and that you contribute to the betterment of your community? This doesn't mean that you are saving the planet all by yourself, but that you are doing productive things like going to work, taking care of your responsibilities and yourself. This energy center is healthy when you respect your peers and the tasks that have been given to you, when you have healthy self esteem, and when your daily tasks are aligned to your life purpose. Do you like what you do? Does it contribute or take away from your own well being and the wellbeing of others? Do you accept help from others when needed?

The back of the Throat Chakra has a block or is moving in the wrong direction when one expresses an unhealthy amount of pride in hopes to make up for their own perceived failures. This center's unhealthiness is demonstrated when you are unwilling to try your best, become defensive often, self victimize, and are overly competitive. You will know this center needs your attention when you experience unsuccessful jobs according to logic, but not according to your own sense of self-worth. In other words, you must discern if your failures are due to your perception and your unrealistic expectations, or if they are actual failures according to greater society and the expectations of your job. An unhealthy Throat at the back is also demonstrated by fear of being rejected, which then leads to avoiding others and a refusal to seek daily tasks or employment that is more fulfilling.

To heal the throat chakra, you will want to seek self nourishment in order to draw it towards you on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Uncover the things that cause your negative expectations, and do not get discouraged when these emotions come back as your Throat center heals; just keep up your work and it will eventually balance out for the long term. Analyze the blame you are placing on others and situations in your life, and once you are ready, take the chances you have always wanted to. Do what you love, and discover your life's purpose, and as always, seek energetic healing for these hard-to-heal areas of your energetic self.

Visualize deep blue light seeping into your throat, rotating clockwise when facing it from the outside of your body. Feed this center with plenty of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and gently practice shoulder shrugs and rotations to physically open it. Do not practice yoga moves if it is against your doctor's wishes.

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