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The Written Prescription

Meditation is touted as an effective tool for a reason. When used consistently, it can work efficiently and quickly to change your life in any direction you want to go. I have personally found it difficult to set time aside daily to meditate in the traditional way. I would beat myself up year after year for never getting into a good routine because I knew of the benefits. However, once I started to think of meditation differently, everything changed. 

Working in the field of Special Education gave me great insight into how the minute details of systems and procedures work, and how the slightest detail can make all of the difference. When I began to apply these organizational principles to my meditation practices, I found my perfect recipe! Meditation does not have to be a burden, a weight on your shoulder, or even the tiny voice in your ear that nags at you to do better. Meditation doesn't even need to be tightly defined for it to help us with our goals and struggles. 


To my relief, as someone who gets bored quickly, I have also found that meditation is like a living document. It is fluid and progressive, and if you listen closely enough to your instincts, you will feel your daily routine of meditation begin to change as you change. Meditation is not meant to be solid and identical every day. It is a natural process that is created and creates your thoughts and thinking patterns. Therefore, an ever-changing and growing meditation is not only ideal for our changing lives but also an inevitability.  


When working with clients on meditation practices, routines are built around the person and the life they currently live. I have found that this creates a more successful pattern for lasting results and change. I choose to work with my clients on a single meditation for a whole month, with the option of weekly check-ins to see if there is a benefit to tweaking the wording of the original, or if there is a need for adjusting how it fits into the client's daily routines.

Effective and reliable meditation is a key part of mental and physical health because it changes the brain, which changes lives, which in turn changes the health of the body. It truly is the spout of the trickle effect.

Bare Roots Energy also offers dream interpretations and Life Path Reading with personalized birth charts and astrological readings. Follow the links below to learn more. 

Personalized  Group Meditations


Personalized Group meditations can be created for any type of gathering. Single meditations or meditative units can be written and personalized for daycare settings, community groups, classrooms, Sunday Schools of any denomination, nursing homes, hospice settings, social groups, family gatherings, office health programs, neighborhood challenges, and more.


Having first-hand experience with how meditative practices can impact students in the classroom setting and adults in a congregational setting has given me clear respect for the power of the practice. When meditating with others, not only are you feeding positive bio-feedback to those around you, but you are receiving it as well. Group meditation can be a powerful practice for community building, focus group work, or a pathway into collective problem-solving. 


Upon the purchase of a Group Meditation package, you will be contacted for an initial consultation to determine the needs and demographics of the group, the goal for the meditation(s), and discuss pricing if more than one meditation has been requested. Pricing will vary on the number of meditations requested per order. I then build you a personalized meditation and send it via email or USPS. 

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Incidental Meditation

Meditation is extremely beneficial when practiced daily, however, when we are in the midst of crisis, it can prove to be our only friend. Meditation can be tailored to one's acute needs and tight schedules in such a way that without much effort, noticeable changes can be experienced, giving us the power, energy, and insight to face our daily obstacles. Those who keep meditation as a coping tool see improvements in mood, outlook, environmental attraction, trauma-based triggers and responses, stress, sleeping patterns, motivation, and physical health. 

The personalized incidental meditation focuses on a single event or ailment in your life that you would like to resolve or find peace with. An initial consultation will be scheduled before your a personalized meditation is built and sent via email or USPS.

Available for online or in-person appointments.

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Daily Meditation Rituals
        Personalized  for you as you and your world change 
The practice of meditation serves as the glue that binds all modalities of healing into a powerhouse of effective treatments and mindset change. The personalized daily meditation ritual can focus on life changes, affirmations, manifestation, or traditional ritualistic practices. It can serve you whether you are in need of a meditation starter-kit to begin your practices, or in need of a deeper meditation to strengthen your practice. 
Daily Meditation Rituals can be tailored to fit into your current daily routines, and does not have to take a huge chunk out of your day! Bits of affirmation and mind balancing activities play an integral role in keeping us calm and productive,
even if you don't have time to add anything extra into your day!
A consultation with you will be the first step to get the details about the areas in which you want to grow and to collaborate on your daily routines and rituals. A personalized meditation is created for you and send it via email or USPS. 

Once you have received and practiced your daily meditation, you have the option to contact me for a full month for tweaks and consultation with your meditative process. 

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