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Date and time is TBD


Zoom Course

Source Light Training (2)

Source Light Training (2)
Source Light Training (2)

Heure et lieu

Date and time is TBD

Zoom Course

À propos de l'événement

Class will be held 

March 22nd from 2 - 4pm


March 23rd from 9am - 12pm

Infuse your body, life, and business with the Light of the Universe. 

Source Light Training teaches you the protocol for the Source Light Infusions so that you can complete the process on yourself daily and begin to transform your outcomes and your life. People who have been practicing this technique have testified that transitions have occurred quickly, naturally, and in direct alignment with their core, their truth, and their Soul. 

Source Light Training includes up-to-date information and research on Energy Anatomy, methods for testing the quality of your energetic health, and how to fully activate the energy centers and system to receive endless energy and connection. 

Join Kathy Forest and me as we dive deep into the stretches of the Galactic plane to retrieve the lost structures and energies boundlessly available to us through our Sacred Energy Body. Source Ligth Training is a stunning out-picturing of what our Souls have been craving on this planet since the ancient, sacred knowledge of our body’s truth was buried many millennia ago. By awakening to our Soul’s light and connecting with it on a daily basis and through its true nature, we become informed automatically of our next steps, our deep needs, and the perspective of universal equality. Through a daily soul-based protocol, not only our body, but our life as well begins to expand according to our true sovereignty and the healing we find along the way to claiming and practicing it. 

This training will…

Provide you with a daily energetic protocol

Provide you with a daily structure for intention and creation work

Provide you with a deep understanding of your Energetic Self

Provide you with a phase of Energetic Hygiene

Provide you with the tools to heal yourself and your family members using the knowledge of the planet’s Life Structure, aka, Sacred Geometry, 

and so much more. 

Class links will be sent once you have enrolled.

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  • Source Light 101

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