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Energetic Hygiene and Anatomy (1)

This year-long course that meets bi-weekly on the structures and hygiene of the human energy body. Perspectives of scientific, historical and cultural research comes together to inform us of who we really are. This course includes instruction in the Source Light and Chakra Infusion Protocols.

Energetic Hygiene and Anatomy (1)
Energetic Hygiene and Anatomy (1)

Horário e local

27 de ago. de 2024, 13:00 GMT-5 – 29 de jul. de 2025, 14:00 GMT-5

Links sent after enrollment

Sobre o evento

Is it still enough to maintain your physical body without giving any thought to your energetic reality? Looking for a way to stay on the up and up? Energetic hygiene plays a key role in the health of our nervous system as well as our mental health. By maintaining the health of your energy body, you maintain a more balanced body, a more clear mental state, and are able to be in more in control of yourself and all that life throws your way. The practice of caring for your energetic self can propel you into a truly sovereign self. Welcome to the only energy anatomy course you'll ever need where you will learn how to go within to find your personal energetic formula.The energetic hygiene courses offered provids you with the tools to independently know, interact, heal, and maintain your energy system at your own pace, in your own space, using the techniques that work best for you. Energetic hygiene assists us in managing anxiety, depression, trauma, side effects of medication, acute and long-term illness, relationships, overstimulation, addiction, disabilities, and more. These essential tools are great companions to all other healing modalities. They provide for you with  lifelong strategies for healing, stress management, and energetic clarity, putting healing in your own hands

Becoming aware of and interacting with your energy body on a daily basis is the fastest route to complete and total health, healing, and creation! 


Follow along with us throughout the year as we traverse the teaching of the globe, stay up on the most recent research in the fields of energy healing and physics, and learn how it can be incorporated into your life with ease for transformational results. 

Energetic Hygiene & Anatomy is a deep dive into the energy body including the specifics of what it looks like, all of its components, how it functions, how to clean it, and how to keep it healthy. Journey through historical accounts of how our ancestors used their energetic awareness to shape their world and how we can now continue to do the same in the age of enlightenment and technology. During this course, you will learn the Daily Chakra Infusion and how to incorporate it into your life to use a daily energy cleanser, as well as the Source Light Protocol, in order to learn how to use your energetic system to its full potential in all of your creation processes. This class will also teach you how to utilize your own frequency for tangible applications in your life and how to tap into your higher knowledge for clear guidance and decision-making. 

This course meets bi-weekly and can be joined at any point of the year, with tickets available for the entire year, for a single month, or for a single class, while regular classes are in session. Protocol class days are reserved for year-long students. Payment plans are available. 

August 2024 Classes will begin August 26th, and meet every other Tuesday at 1 pm, CST. 


  • Energy Hygiene and Anatomy

    Término das vendas: 23 de dez., 14:00 GMT-6

    Tickets are available for the entire course that will last most of the year (depending on our class' pacing). Monthly and individual course tickets are also available. When purchasing the year-long course, payment plans are available.

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