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Dream Interpretation

No, that dream may not make sense...yet. 

Sometimes dreams easily point us in the right direction, connect us to what was lost, and giving us answers to questions that we forgot we asked. Have you ever had a reoccurring dream that haunted you, or woken up with sleep paralysis? Have you flown in your dreams, or walked through the endless halls of an enormous house? Why do we listen to our dreams, or keep thinking about them after we wake? I doubt you would be reading this if you hadn't asked yourself the same type of questions. 

Dream interpretation is one of the oldest ceremonial practices in the world, with records of its existence dating up to 3,000 years ago in Sumeria. It has played a hand in aiding kings with decisions and launched an entire psychiatric field of the study during the 1900s. Interpreting dreams is an entirely natural occurrence for all of us, as interpretation is simply another way of describing the processes of educated contemplation, learning, and understanding. Our ancestors have left us the gifts of keys and explanations for reasoning with our subconscious minds as the body sleeps. In a world of having answers thrown at you, I invite you to explore your midnight symbols to see what they may uncover for you. 

Dream Interpretation Readings can be done in person or online, and begin with a phone call or email to give us an opportunity to discuss details about the dream. Once the interpretation is complete, you will be given a transcript of the interpretation and the opportunity to set up a post-reading call to discuss the symbols and their relevance to your waking life. In-person readings work much in the same way, with the in-person meeting occurring after the initial interpretation is completed. I do not rush my interpretations and put a lot of research into them if they are very complex, so I like to give myself up to 48 hours for completion of the process. 

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