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Sacred Rhythms

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The Circle that holds you is the one you grow in the best. Join us for our monthly Women’s Circle to nourish and refine what you’ve been working, to dig out and clean up what you’re ready to leave behind, and prepare yourself for your next steps forward. Join Bare Roots Energy for our monthly Sacred Rhythms circle to solidify your connection with he Rhythms of the Earth. Welcome to your Sacred Rhythms Classroom, where we will meet each month for a new portal and new tools to help you stay clean and clear of the energies, habits, routines, and thoughts that keep you from your optimal self. Sacred Rhythms is a women's circle that studies the intertwined cycles of our planet, bodies, moods, habits, and lifestyles and explores how to integrate the balancing of those cycles into our lives. The class reviews facts & info about ancient deities, natural healing remedies, and energy cleansing practices. Sacred Rhythms is a non-denominational group, covering information from all cultures. At the beginning of the year, I offer a chance for participants to share their ancestral ties in order to include that research into the class throughout the year. During class, we have a guided meditation and the opportunity to receive Distance Reiki while you journal. We also have an epic dance sesh at the beginning and end of each class to activate our fabulous bodies and minds!

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